The Intercultural Fairytale


Each chapter is told by students in another country.

 The organising school is Hornbaek School, Denmark


  Chapter 4- written by students of class A1 of high School of Agios Stefanos. Attica, Greece


The mermaid, feeling very much flattered, accepted him to her kingdom, the deep sea. 


So, the little princess was once more left alone and unprotected. The environment, however, of the sea was mostly unkind to him. The fishes were looking at him curiously, the octopuses and the squids were teasing him, while the sharks kept frightening him!

Time passed and the prince felt day by day more and more isolated. The mermaid did her best to offer him some moments of happiness. Unfortunately, the prince stopped eating and he looked very ill and disappointed.

Only a small dolphin came everyday to keep him some company. To that unique friend the young prince opened his heart and shared with him his nostalgia for the life on the earth as well as about how much he regretted that he had betrayed the beautiful princess.

Meanwhile the mermaid was informed about his feelings and she realized that it was impossible to have him near her. So, she decided to ask the dolphin to carry him ashore. She kept her plans secret. Nevertheless, she could not stand a farewell.

Next morning the dolphin came as usual to find the prince. This time he suggested that they could go for a ride together. The young man accepted eagerly the offer and jumped on his back immediately. The ride became a long trip that brought the young prince to the nearest coast. Then the dolphin asked:

- Well, would you like to go ashore and live again on the earth?

- This is a perfect idea, but what about the mermaid? said the prince.

- Oh, the mermaid wishes you all the best for your life from now on. She believes that human beings should stay all together.

The young prince heard those words with a great relief. He thanked and said goodbye to the dolphin.

Same after he walked on the beach and he tried to have some rest under a small tree. A nice breeze offered him the opportunity to sleep quickly.

Suddenly, scary and screechy voices awakened him……..  


 Chapter 5 is written by students of 6/B Hungary


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